Saturday, April 26, 2008

Two questions

Do optimism and hope set you up for more disappointment than otherwise?

Does an optimistic attitude reflect in and thereby improve the way you work - would that mean lesser chances of disappointment?


The Mad Hatter said...

Yes, and yes.

... which brings me to the most profound thing I learnt at my mother's knee: "hope for the best and expect the worst". You're covered both ways there.

jax said...

Rach, you attract what you think about most deep inside. If you are thinking disappointment, voila! There it is for you. If you are adopting an "optimistic attitude" or if you are full of "hope", as a way of pushing "despair" under the carpet you are setting yourself up for disappointment anyway. The only way you get better at work is if you believe from the bottom of your socks that your work will make you happier and fuller and richer and all those things you want to be. That be the truth.

Piyush Sethia said...

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies"..

Any guesses om the source???

Rach said...

@ everyone: wow, thanks! very nice stuff to think about.
@ jax: do you write by any chance?
@ the mad hatter: Somehow that advice tends to pessimism, but then again, it doesn't! :)
@ piyush: no clue.. where from?

iti said...

Hello Rachna,
I am Iti.On my visit to your blog via Orkut i felt like sharing my understanding of Optimism and Hope with you. See i have read the comments your friends posted and they make sense to me. But wud share a fresh perspective(truth) about this. See all the Reiki, Quantum Touch, Yoga and Pranic healers, Feng Shui guys believe that we are ENERGY as in our soul is a huge pack of energy. Also we are surrounded by universal energy called PRANA( life force).What happens is our most deep thoughts and deeper urges direct the energy(Prana) arround us to work towards accomplishing that task which we have in our mind or finding ways to solve whtever problems we r truly seeking solutions for. With HOPE and OPTIMISM we make our INTENTIONS pretty CLEAR and STRONG for the energies arround us to decipher and start acting in the direction of achieving it.making AFFIRMATONS(written, oral or visual),Feng shsui guys telling u various tips is all about letting the potential energy(Prana) inside the house flow freely and not be blocked or stagnating.... “When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true.” The Alchemist supports the same........


sharan basavaraj said...

one more question ?
is expecting nothing also a form of expecting ???

Rach said...

@sharan : hmm..that be a more semantics related question me thinks.