Monday, April 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Me.

I turned 23 today. (Now, now, only a few more years of publicly talking about my age.)

I learnt a lot of things this past year. Things that I may have learnt the year before too, if I'd cared to pay attention. But the new wisdom stands starkly in front of my eyes because the Cosmos cared enough to show me my lesson twice.

Now I must be nice and learn. :)

For one, I think I've become more perceptive of people around. But then, I thought I was perceptive earlier too. Maybe I've learnt about the things I didn't quite do the right way. But does that mean I won't do them the same way again?

What do I wish for? Among other things,

  1. My writing to become better and of more consequence.
  2. To be more in charge of life (and not have life take charge of me) -  but unlike previous miserable attempts at doing so. :)

What am I thankful for ? Having a truly great family that is always around for me. Having some great friends.

I'm happy for a lot of things that happened over the last year. Sure, there're some things I'd do differently now that I think about it, but I'm glad life unfolded the way it did.

Here's to another year of ..

I wish I knew what. All I know is that things are changing, and life will be very different.

So well, here's to .. interesting times, as someone refers to it.


AjAy said...

Belated Birthday wishes....
May god bless you and you get all that you wish for in life!!

Abhilash said...

Happy Birthday :)