Monday, July 30, 2007

Are you absolutely certain?

Scott Adams presents some really delightful writing as he reasons why an atheist must, ironically, think himself God!

And a reader responds back with proof.


Monday, July 23, 2007


I apologise for the stark vagueness of this post. I hope that the generalisation, however, makes it easy for the reader to relate to.

I have the choice today. Its entirely in my hands. Yet I am unsure what course to take. In the interest of, well, myself, I attempt to explain without going into the details. I step up the abstraction just a notch.

Choice 1 : Unwanted at the moment. Atleast this is not how I imagined myself years ago, not how I hoped things to be. Yet I cannot evade the possibility that this might someday be my only choice left. And it might not be a bad choice.

Choice 2: There is the familiar, there is the thing I've wanted all along. I have it today, only I'm not sure I want it anymore. I think I have outgrown the long-coveted.

Choice 3: The attraction of the unfamiliar, the novelty of the unexplored. Could it be my best choice? I will not know till I go there.

One of these three? Or find a fourth?