Friday, May 25, 2007

Random Thought 2

[I make no claims about the profoundness of this post.. ;)]

Have you ever had to sneeze during a drive? From experience and from here, it's an involuntary reflex to close your eyes when you sneeze.

According to, a certain Muriel Simmons from the British Allergy Foundation says that if you sneeze while driving at 70 mph, you will travel 300 feet with your eyes closed!

That's scary. Most of the time I manage to suppress the sneeze, but in the one-off case that I realise that's not going to happen, I stall until the road is reasonably clear ahead of me. Then 'sneeze'. And quickly resume safe open-eyed driving.

But then, apparently you can open your eyes and sneeze. Go here and check answer 4 to see how. For those who go not want to go there, here's what answer 4 says:
My sister sneezes with her eyes open. She will only do this when she drives because she is afraid of getting into an accident. She screams with she sneezes. And in doing this her eyes remain open. It is bizarre and I have tried it and it does indeed work. It sounds like a very loud screeching, inhumane sounding sneeze but it is a sneeze with ones eyes open.
I have to try this.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Love n Hate Lists.

Pardon the negativity, but I'm going to begin this one with telling you things I hate. Well, maybe hate would be too strong a word. Its just that I have a problem with them. Then, as if to make up for it, I will tell you about things I like. So let us begin:

[Note: Do notice the difference when I say I dislike someone as opposed to someone doing
something annoying.]
I dislike:
- Pretentious people (yeah, they're always someone else, not You :))
- Peas (yeah I do, I cannot think of any compelling reason why)
- Dieting (self-explanatory)
- Sleepless nights (tossing and turning, all with the realisation that you still have to get up at just the same time that you do everyday)
- (this I've mentioned on Orkut) People being unable to say 'I don't know, let's find out' or 'Maybe I'm wrong' ever in their lives
- People saying things that actually do not mean anything. And yet, they pretend that they made a lot of sense. And ironically, there's too many of these people around.
- Visits to the beauty parlour. (Yes I go, and no, they cannot transform you into a beautiful person. They can make you seem, well, cleaner, at the most. Yes, that is why I look the way I do, despite the fact that I go.)
- People not being open to the fact that their perception of something may be hugely different from its reality
- People not being able to appreciate silly but funny things in life. (Loosen up a bit will ya?)
- Household chores. (I manage to wriggle my way out of this way more often than I can safely not feel guilty for.)
- Getting out of bed earlier than required to exercise.
- Taking the stairs (its not a sin to want the elevator to work)
- Bad breath (okay, have your onions, but you don't have to let me know in such an obvious manner!)
(I'm getting a little worried that the list is this long and I know that I can go on much more)
Bad spelling. This one is a little mean, but there are the obvious things that I wish people would take care about. Preety? And no, the writer did not mean a name.

I'll stop here. For my own good. Let's move on to the nicer things in life.
I like:
- Laughter and smiles that are genuine.
- Weekend siestas.
- Good food.
- Sitting with my family in our outer balcony-turned-room and talking about random things and each other.
- Meeting old friends. Having 'pajama parties' with them.
- Meeting present friends. Laughing, talking, having fun.
- Reading random articles and comic strips on the Net.
- Bedtime, especially when you're dog-tired after a long day.
- Dark chocolates.
- People who bring me dark chocolates ;)
- Singing a song that catches my fancy, again and again (and again!) This could get me on someone else's Dislike List.
- Listening to the same song about 20 times or more in a day till I tire of it and switch to another song.
- Writing in this blog.
- Seeing an increase in my site traffic. :)
- Praise. I am but human.
- Getting on chat, and finding the right people online ;)
- Long fun chats with these right people.
- Receiving a text message from someone dear after a long time.
- Ranting about things I don't like with someone I like and finding that they don't like them too!
- Giggling.
- Giggling while playing TT with Anitha ;)

I'm happy now that this list is longer than the first. Neither of them are by any means complete. But they say much of what I feel.

EDIT: I'm aware that much of what I've said could well get me on other hate lists, and much of what I do already has me on those lists. :) Well, we all have our vices.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

"Yes please, and thank you very much!"

I like politeness. Period. People who are polite, people who say 'thank you', people who will smile when they see you and the likes. By smile-when-they-see-you, I'd like to mention that it's a given that a person you know must get the benefits of your smile. What about someone you don't know? Now I do not mean the absolute stranger you walk past on the road. I do mean a colleague you've never been introduced to, but know of. I do mean someone who stays near your house who you haven't spoken to, but each of you knows of the other's existence.

Indians, as a whole, are not very polite. One could argue that politeness should not be measured in terms of a 'thank you' or a 'please'. True, it is a very culturally biased method of examination. But have you actually not seen the following scenarios in India?
- Someone barging up and trying to get ahead in a long queue.
- [Some] men staring at women in the most unnerving manner.
- [My favourite topic: traffic] Honking beyond necessity, and rushing ahead to overtake with little regard for the vehicles at risk.
- Bumping into someone and rushing off without apologising.
- Answering a phone call mid-conversation without excusing oneself.
- Leaving a phone on loud during a presentation, or say, in the theatre.
- Answering that phone call and making your telephonic conversation known to all.
- Fiddling with the cell-phone while having a conversation with someone [I'm guilty of this one]
- Burping
- Lack of courtesy to, say, the cleaning staff, or the driver who drove you home.
- Chewing out loud (esp. in a presentation!)
.... and then there are some dirty habits that I'd just rather not go into at this point, lest a tirade be launched.

If any of you do any of the above things, firstly, welcome to the club. Secondly, I urge you to try getting out of this club as soon as possible! Really, not something to be a proud member of!

PS. A friend recently made me realise that I have this bad habit of calling out to people not by their names, but with a 'Tchh' sound. Point noted. I'm working on it.