Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alone! Yeah!

I had a thought. Yes, time to celebrate. So I mentioned to this guy that there are no songs that inspire you when you are alone. There's nothing that celebrates being alone. Remember the song, 'Akele hain, to kya gham hai..' ? Starts off well enough, but then you realise that he's only saying its ok to be alone, as long as you're with someone. Sort of an anti-climax.

My friend says, Yeah, because it sucks to be alone. 

Hmph. Whatever happened to finding happiness within yourself and all that? Self-dependence? INdependence. 

That's all fine, apparently. You need companionship, he says. It's boring otherwise

That's just plain wrong.  One should be okay with being alone. Primarily because there is nothing wrong with being alone. And by alone, I mean I mean either a lack of friends or a lack of love, or the lack of whatever makes you feel alone. Because there is nothing wrong with it, a lot of people live all their lives alone, and its OK.

Write me a song that celebrates the idea of being alone. I hear so many people announce they love to be left alone to themselves. That they don't like company. How they're so proud that they are anti-social. And blah and blah

Write me a song. Or better still, find me a song that's already written. Come on. Please. Pretty please?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wednesday Weirdnesses #4

Yeah, I get that its not a good sign that the only posts on your blog are the ones that were supposed to be just a side affair. A lot has been going on. Aaand I have been granted access to (many) episodes of Grey's Anatomy. So guess where my time is going :)

Coming to the lot that has been going on.. (Yes, I have this new found love for increasing the font size at random points) Nothing new has happened : work has stepped up a notch, hence I am coming home late. Once I come home I log in again. I have this other really important work to do, but I am the master of procrastination. And then I do what I do really well - nothing.

So we found you a weird link. Actually a link talking about something weird. We don't think we came across this in the papers. We haven't been reading those much these past few days. We think after reading the above two paragraphs, you must understand. We don't even know if it is true. So take with a peench of salt.

Can I still say Happy Wednesday?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wednesday Weirdnesses #3

Flying cars, they said 50 years ago. I think they meant the Metro. I believe there was even some talk in the papers a few days ago.

Well here's a article from 2001.

Sneak preview:
"Now, stop," Kamen says. How? This thing has no brakes. "Just think about stopping." Staring into the middle distance, I conjure an image of a red stop sign--and just like that, Ginger and I come to a halt.
Have a fun day.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wednesday Weirdnesses #2

I realise how subjective the definition of weird is. But we have a vague idea, and we'll go by it. 

Today's weird find is MapOfStrange, describing itself as 'Strange things in Google Maps.'

Check it out, its got beach writings, google errors, and pics of crop circles!! Its also got a tag on 'ghosts' - I can't figure out what it points to - but I am curious!

Have a good day :)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Analyze this.

It's the last week. Bangalore felt quiet and eerie all of a sudden. Oh, definitely not the Diwali nights. Bomb bomb bomb, those went. I mean the mornings after. For a blissful few days, the streets were empty, the city was silent. And accompanied with this strange new avtar of Bangalore, was a sense of nostalgia. I felt I was in the Bangalore of 10-15 years ago, of when we had just moved here. Of course I attributed the 'feelings' to the fact that half the city was away on vacation, and hence, not in the city.

But then. 

The noise has now returned. As the city warms back to its present cacophonic self, I haven't lost the 'feeling.' I have this surreal feeling from time to time of being back in the past. Not recent past, but atleast eight-ten years in the past. 

What could it be? A sudden stillness. An odd quiet. A few elements of the present I feel more distant from. Freud would've had something to say. 

And what about you, perceptive reader? Do you have a Freud-like-or-not theory for me?