Saturday, November 01, 2008

Analyze this.

It's the last week. Bangalore felt quiet and eerie all of a sudden. Oh, definitely not the Diwali nights. Bomb bomb bomb, those went. I mean the mornings after. For a blissful few days, the streets were empty, the city was silent. And accompanied with this strange new avtar of Bangalore, was a sense of nostalgia. I felt I was in the Bangalore of 10-15 years ago, of when we had just moved here. Of course I attributed the 'feelings' to the fact that half the city was away on vacation, and hence, not in the city.

But then. 

The noise has now returned. As the city warms back to its present cacophonic self, I haven't lost the 'feeling.' I have this surreal feeling from time to time of being back in the past. Not recent past, but atleast eight-ten years in the past. 

What could it be? A sudden stillness. An odd quiet. A few elements of the present I feel more distant from. Freud would've had something to say. 

And what about you, perceptive reader? Do you have a Freud-like-or-not theory for me?


kanishka said...

Rach - there is still hope. Come for the walk, Nov 9, Lalbagh West Gate, 11 am. With enlightened public policy, Bangalore can still be saved.

Vinni said...

hyd was too like that till a few days back. :) wonderful. empty roads, empty restaurants. wow.

Warriorwithin said... hopes now. Bangalore has changed. Even the old places of resistance like malleshwara...are also getting renovated ...and the no of people just keeps increasing by the second