Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wednesday Weirdnesses #4

Yeah, I get that its not a good sign that the only posts on your blog are the ones that were supposed to be just a side affair. A lot has been going on. Aaand I have been granted access to (many) episodes of Grey's Anatomy. So guess where my time is going :)

Coming to the lot that has been going on.. (Yes, I have this new found love for increasing the font size at random points) Nothing new has happened : work has stepped up a notch, hence I am coming home late. Once I come home I log in again. I have this other really important work to do, but I am the master of procrastination. And then I do what I do really well - nothing.

So we found you a weird link. Actually a link talking about something weird. We don't think we came across this in the papers. We haven't been reading those much these past few days. We think after reading the above two paragraphs, you must understand. We don't even know if it is true. So take with a peench of salt.

Can I still say Happy Wednesday?


The Mad Hatter said...

Ah, so that's where Gollum vanished to. How're we doing, precioussssssss?

Raghu said...

this is quite weird. but then maybe not, if you consider it as an "Anniyan" style punishment for the guy's sin :D


neo said...

Hi, Read your blog a few times.. you write very well.. keep it up!!

Rach said...

The Mad Hatter: We wondered what you were referring to at first. But then the preciousness led us to figure it was LOTR even though we have not read it {gasp!!}. We are still good. :)

Raghu: Oh man, now i'm really hoping it isn't true.

Neo: Thank you!! Kind words go a long way :)