Sunday, October 21, 2007

No comments

I don't mean the comments on this blog.

When you ask someone for their opinion, some people like to say "No comments." Some of these some people actually have nothing to say, positive or negative. Some others of them are being kind by not saying anything bad. I think its worse than saying the bad stuff. Don't say anything. Don't say 'No comments' either. Somehow it seems to carry with it an implicit displeasure. Or am I just imagining things. Because when they say so, I assume they're saying it because of factor 2 : not wanting to say anything bad. Naturally then I must assume something is bad. Then I must wonder what exactly is. You could've told me directly for the same results. But then of course, you've safely exitted the scene by the time the realisation occurs to me. :)

But then again, you might have nothing to say, either. Who's to know!


The Mad Hatter said...

I agree. I do not like the phrase "no comments". I think it's quite irritating.

I'd rather say "no comment", which is more idiomatic :)

Piyush said...

No comment!!! ( I guess this will please the mad hatter ;)

Anonymous said...

no comments

mirage said...
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Jayanth T N said...

Well, if I have to be truthful and nice to you, I'd say No Comments. For instance, you say you are so-so at badminton. But, I think you suck at it. If you were to ask me how good you are, and I for some reason HAVE to be nice to you, I'd say "No Comment". I can say "I don't know", but, if someone else tells you that I told them you suck, you'd be hurt!
That said, I have not heard many people use "No Comments" in everyday conversation. It is more an official sort of a thing and I am sure it is very relevant there.