Friday, November 30, 2007


Where do all the auto wallahs want to go? Which is the one place that would make them agree without hesitation?

This morning, I wanted to go to Residency Road. You know, that place in (almost) the centre of the city? And no one wanted to go. Many auto wallahs rejected my request in quick succession, until, almost out of pity, one guy after 5 minutes of thought, said he'd take me.

You know, like, Oh aaall right. If you reeeally want it. I'll do you this favour. And charge double the fare.


Jayanth T N said...

As a customer, the toughest part is to decide whether to pay the extra fare or not. You do not want to encourage them demanding extra fare for going to Majestic at 4 in the evening. But, if you have to catch the train at 5, you have but little choice.
And, I have also wondered how a few of them manage to earn money. Typically, NO auto-wallah from an auto-stand would want to go anywhere unless you paid him extra fare. And, the extra fare demand seems like it is intended more to shoo away the customer than to pocket the extra fare!

AjAy said...

Both, Rachna and Jayanth have a very valid point. I have faced this on many occasions. Being a daily traveller by auto for the past 4 years, I have now an understanding of what some of their problems are.
But I am not justifying what they do.
Like in Rachna's case, imagine that chap coming in the peak time to the centre of the city. He gets stuck up in the traffic, burning up more fuel and wasting more time than necessary. Ultimately he reaches the place (Residency road) and you get down. Then you imagine the huge stretch of road that he has to travel with a bleak chance of getting a pick-up. Also since it is the centre of the city, during the morning, everyone wants to go go to the centre of the city and not many would go from there to anyplace.
Compare this scenario with the auto chaps doing multiple small trip to nearby places, which they in all probability will get. That chap's net earning goes high.
Still I do not actually agree with the point I just said, especially when an Auto fella says no to me.