Sunday, October 21, 2007


I'm peeved.

- At love songs that claim that 'tere liye jaan de doonga' or 'I would give up my life for you' for the Hindi-impaired. Thoughts like this are what take the (stupid) people in love to another standard of stupidity. Note, only the already stupid ones. And no, its still not okay.

- At fairness creams and ads that claim that:
  • You will become (very) fair within X days. That's a good thing..even if it scares the people around you, because some such people who became fair are known to have begun glowing in the dark.
  • Once you become fair, you will:
    • win dancing competitions
    • spotted at the local talent hunt (on account of the new-found fairness: who can miss the face that emits light. In other words, how can you avoid the face that..)
    • the leading role in a movie which will doubtless be successful, and then of course with the fame you get, you can go back to your first love - theatre.
    • ..or win the love of your life (who will presumably be willing to give up his life for you, now that you are all fair, of course.)


The Mad Hatter said...

the (stupid) people in love to another standard of stupidity. Note, only the already stupid ones.

Are there any other kind? (ducks)

Advertisements play on our secret fears and desires - ones that, like our prejudices, are safely hidden away where our rational minds cannot see. That's why they work despite being so obviously stupid and demeaning to the intelligence of the viewer.

My favourite: shampoos that claim to make your hair stronger through assorted vitamins and proteins.

Piyush said...

My personal fav ad is the "My mama said i can".. Comments are welcome :)

The Mad Hatter said...

En passant, the fairness cream ads are now unisex. I notice a lot of male fairness cream ads these days.

Will those decrying fairness cream ads as objectifying women now shut up?

They're still stupid, but their objectification now transgresses gender boundaries. :)

Rach said...

Heh heh.. very true. Very strange ads at that.