Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wednesday Weirdnesses #1

I've decided to start a weekly post celebrating the eccentricities of life. So every Wednesday, starting today, I will present to you one hand picked Weirdness from across the globe.

For today I present a Weird Word.

Presenting to you,  slubberdegullion.

As if the world wasn't short of invective already, slubberdegullion means a filthy, slobbering person, or "a slobbering and dirty fellow, a worthless sloven."

Its etymology doesn't seem to be consistently agreed upon. Slubber seeming to come from the english 'slobber' and the second part likely from French goalon "a sloven." It could also apparently be "cullion, an old word for a testicle (it’s related to French couillon and Spanish cojones), which by the sixteenth century was a term of contempt for a man."

There you go, one more way in which to show your wrath to the world outside. And probably not have them know it!!

Happy Wednesday !


Raghu said...

If not for the etymology, I'd have thought it's you in one of your word inventing moods again :) Nice word. Almost sounds like a name - Slubber de Guillon. Hope i remember it in my wrath though...

Rach said...

but hey! my "word inventing moods again" ??? When did I invent words in my past?

For the record, this post will be about weirdnesses from people other than me :)

Raghu said...

That would be narrowing your scope, but ok ;)

You did set out to invent some words in your Orkut group if I remember right.

Jayanth T N said...

I gave my GRE today and I see this post. Sigh!