Sunday, October 05, 2008

Getting. Wanting. Needing.

There was this song, not so long ago, that caught my attention with these lines: I want you, I don't know if I need you.

As I write this today, I am overwhelmed by instances of us not being happy with what we have anymore. A friend recently said this was because we had too many choices. I said the availability of options should make us feel empowered. He said it only leaves more room for dissatisfaction. Meh, glass half full, half empty, thought I.

Life wasn't supposed to be this hard, was it? I envisioned myself years ago having to make a few choices at different points in my life, and making them easily enough. You can roughly translate this post as "Coming to terms with reality." :)

But seriously, I speak not merely for myself, but also close friends that are a part of my life. All of us have, in some way or the other, well within our reach, that, which is close enough to what we always wanted, but is not really "it". And as a result of that, we are not willing to settle. Is this the arrogance of youth? (The grey-haired wise men do not think as we do.) Or is this the type of persona, that we got conditioned to grow up into? Will it change? Will we settle once we hit the rough spots? Or will our adamance pay off?

And do we always know ourselves well enough to know if what we want is really what we want?

Relative perception, ladies and gentlemen, the killer. Reduces you to knowing nothing about anything. At all.


Jayanth T N said...

@And do we always know ourselves well enough to know if what we want is really what we want?
Well, even if it is not, there is not much we can do about it, is there?

indira said...

:) nice post!

Aravind said...

Listen to this, its related to your post

The secret of happiness

Manjunath Shevgoor said...

The persuit of something better is what keeps one from being mediocre. In most parts of life, 'settling' should never be an option. But the hard part is when one has to Give up what one has in order to move 'ahead'.... this is a judgement call, and sometimes, by settling, one might not actually be 'settling'.

Rach said...

@jayanth: Heya! well, we are walking into another pretty trap of not wanting something we might not want! :)

Anonymous said...

More choices mean less satisfaction. Turns out this is a scientifically proven fact!