Thursday, October 09, 2008

The mystery..

..of the perfect pair of jeans..(or genes, for that matter.)

This time I'm even willing to settle for near perfect. :) Then why does it elude me so...?

I find it hard to believe that the makers of this fashion product do not cater for the masses. Why else could any pair that looks half decent otherwise, not look half decent when you well.. wear it?

And if they do cater for the masses, I find it hard to believe that 'the masses' have such perfect bodies. I mean, take a look around. Its not all lovely.

And therefore.. shouldn't more effort be going into making the 'imperfect body' jeans? Or am I so far removed from the average? :( That's so depressing I'm going to go indulge myself some more. Chocolate anyone?


jp said...

The jeans are imperfect. Some elitiste minority fooled you in believing it was you.

Rach said...

@jp: That makes me feel better. Chocolate? ;)