Friday, May 25, 2007

Random Thought 2

[I make no claims about the profoundness of this post.. ;)]

Have you ever had to sneeze during a drive? From experience and from here, it's an involuntary reflex to close your eyes when you sneeze.

According to, a certain Muriel Simmons from the British Allergy Foundation says that if you sneeze while driving at 70 mph, you will travel 300 feet with your eyes closed!

That's scary. Most of the time I manage to suppress the sneeze, but in the one-off case that I realise that's not going to happen, I stall until the road is reasonably clear ahead of me. Then 'sneeze'. And quickly resume safe open-eyed driving.

But then, apparently you can open your eyes and sneeze. Go here and check answer 4 to see how. For those who go not want to go there, here's what answer 4 says:
My sister sneezes with her eyes open. She will only do this when she drives because she is afraid of getting into an accident. She screams with she sneezes. And in doing this her eyes remain open. It is bizarre and I have tried it and it does indeed work. It sounds like a very loud screeching, inhumane sounding sneeze but it is a sneeze with ones eyes open.
I have to try this.


Suprita said...

Hehe. I like un-profound posts.

desh said...

never thought about it in the driving sense of it, but lot of other thngs to worry about while driving than smthng as trivial as sneezing mayb :)