Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Love n Hate Lists.

Pardon the negativity, but I'm going to begin this one with telling you things I hate. Well, maybe hate would be too strong a word. Its just that I have a problem with them. Then, as if to make up for it, I will tell you about things I like. So let us begin:

[Note: Do notice the difference when I say I dislike someone as opposed to someone doing
something annoying.]
I dislike:
- Pretentious people (yeah, they're always someone else, not You :))
- Peas (yeah I do, I cannot think of any compelling reason why)
- Dieting (self-explanatory)
- Sleepless nights (tossing and turning, all with the realisation that you still have to get up at just the same time that you do everyday)
- (this I've mentioned on Orkut) People being unable to say 'I don't know, let's find out' or 'Maybe I'm wrong' ever in their lives
- People saying things that actually do not mean anything. And yet, they pretend that they made a lot of sense. And ironically, there's too many of these people around.
- Visits to the beauty parlour. (Yes I go, and no, they cannot transform you into a beautiful person. They can make you seem, well, cleaner, at the most. Yes, that is why I look the way I do, despite the fact that I go.)
- People not being open to the fact that their perception of something may be hugely different from its reality
- People not being able to appreciate silly but funny things in life. (Loosen up a bit will ya?)
- Household chores. (I manage to wriggle my way out of this way more often than I can safely not feel guilty for.)
- Getting out of bed earlier than required to exercise.
- Taking the stairs (its not a sin to want the elevator to work)
- Bad breath (okay, have your onions, but you don't have to let me know in such an obvious manner!)
(I'm getting a little worried that the list is this long and I know that I can go on much more)
Bad spelling. This one is a little mean, but there are the obvious things that I wish people would take care about. Preety? And no, the writer did not mean a name.

I'll stop here. For my own good. Let's move on to the nicer things in life.
I like:
- Laughter and smiles that are genuine.
- Weekend siestas.
- Good food.
- Sitting with my family in our outer balcony-turned-room and talking about random things and each other.
- Meeting old friends. Having 'pajama parties' with them.
- Meeting present friends. Laughing, talking, having fun.
- Reading random articles and comic strips on the Net.
- Bedtime, especially when you're dog-tired after a long day.
- Dark chocolates.
- People who bring me dark chocolates ;)
- Singing a song that catches my fancy, again and again (and again!) This could get me on someone else's Dislike List.
- Listening to the same song about 20 times or more in a day till I tire of it and switch to another song.
- Writing in this blog.
- Seeing an increase in my site traffic. :)
- Praise. I am but human.
- Getting on chat, and finding the right people online ;)
- Long fun chats with these right people.
- Receiving a text message from someone dear after a long time.
- Ranting about things I don't like with someone I like and finding that they don't like them too!
- Giggling.
- Giggling while playing TT with Anitha ;)

I'm happy now that this list is longer than the first. Neither of them are by any means complete. But they say much of what I feel.

EDIT: I'm aware that much of what I've said could well get me on other hate lists, and much of what I do already has me on those lists. :) Well, we all have our vices.


harsha said...

Being free on weekend i was reading blogs of all my friends and canme across urs somehow. I tend to agree with some of ur statements... and the one abt beauty parlour seems to be the best !

Piyush said...

An amazing piece, i must say.. I can totally relate to most of the things..

Anitha said...

Hey how come u missed to state that u liked to play TT with the me :( ..but really a super piece - i loved it as much i love ya..

Rach said...

@anitha:well thank you dear, I'm sure you'll like the new modified version now. :)

Anitha said...

Cant tell u how happy u made me feel :)Thanks and will miss the giggling sessions for 2 weeks :(

sudha said...
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sudha said...

hi rach, how come u didn't add tidying ur room in ur hate list? (sorry). Of course, if i write a love list, it could almost run in similar lines except of course ur food and chocolate!!!!!!!!1
Love u and ur blog very much