Sunday, April 20, 2008

Of big bags and Tags

WnG here tagged me a while ago. Quite some time ago. A month and more has passed and now I get down to doing it. In my defense, I was merely waiting for more interesting times. But then I realised that this is as interesting as it gets, so I've taken out my rose-coloured glasses and I'm telling y'all what my handbag contains ('tis more like a backpack, but ah poe-tay-to po-tah-to!)

Anyway, here goes. If this gets boring, you have her to blame.

  1. A blue folder with papers (ooh, official, can't tell you about them!)
  2. Blue scarf. This is to protect my hair when I'm travelling in autos or to keep underneath my helmet. I'm paranoid the elements of nature will blow my hair away someday if I don't protect them. There isn't much that I can afford to lose at this point.
  3. A pamphlet of a rajashthani/gujarati buffet lunch near the workplace. From almost 7-8 months back. Hmm.. I've been clearing my desk at work and adding junk to the bag.
  4. Bills. Old bills, new bills. Credit card, phone. Bah.
  5. Notepads. One partially used, one recently acquired and therefore being used with fresh enthusiasm. I have a thing for notepads, they excite me. I never end up writing anything substantial, neither do I read what I've written, but I get excited nonetheless.
  6. Thick wallet. And no, not because I carry a lot of cash. There's enough junk in there to warrant an entire new post.
  7. Hee haa. Bare necessities. For the post-gym-shower to the office transition. The next few numbers - Sunscreen.
  8. Comb.
  9. Livon. (Hair again).
  10. Deodarant.
  11. Chapstick. (Lotus, chocolate flavour)
  12. A book on Digital Design. Ah, interesting times.
  13. Broken earphones for listening to my type of music in the gym.
  14. ID card. Ho-hum.
  15. Those face-wipe tissues from flights and otherwise. I have 3 of them in my bag. And I wonder if I'll ever use them.
  16. Sanitary pad.
  17. Safety pins. Cautious Rach. Prepared-for-worst Rach. Carries-junk Rach.
  18. [Sheepish] An old diet plan that I never really followed. Atleast I still carry it. Sigh.
  19. Pens and pencils. Broken and unbroken..yet.
  20. More notepads. A special mention for my CRY notepad. While I'm on that, I wonder if any of you would like to donate to CRY.
  21. Two lovely, smooth, tiny pebbles that come from some beach during my visit to bhaiyya-bhabhi in UK.  I've a thing for pebbles also. I remember picking out the nice smooth ones from the ground (bachpan mein) and considering them to be my lucky charms. For about 3 minutes. I'd forget soon enough about it. These ones are still in the bag.
  22. Oh my mouth freshener. I carry that or Orbit gums. I've found it useful, I have. :)
  23. Old passport photographs that i'd die if anyone saw. Hmm.. one thing to put away.
  24. Book. The Road Less Travelled, gifted to me by him on this day.
  25. And, not to forget, my Cobra Pepper Spray!! Thankfully, I've never had to use it till now. But I'd suggest to most people out there (girls, especially) to keep one handy for self defense. You never know.

And at 25 I end this rather elaborate list. If you're still awake, I'd like to tag Suprita on this. C'mon girl :) I'm waiting.

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