Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Life After UPS

Darn, it's hot!

The UPS that we depended on so heavily for some years now, has acted up. Its just dead. And we are soo unprepared.

There was a time when the home was stocked with candles. Then we graduated to a cute little solar powered emergency lamp. It charged on the sun's rays and provided us reasonably bright rays when the sun was on the other side of the earth, and well, there was no electricity supply. That didn't live too long. Some more emergency lamps came after that. But none to match that one.

But today there is nothing. No candle, no fancy lamp. We are plunged in darkness. I relive the old nights of summer when the electricity went off, leaving us helpless in the heat. If it was exam time, I squinted by the candlelight. Everyone had some independent-of-electricity thing-to-do. Come out in the open and chat with the neighbours. Read by the candle. Chat with family. Play antakshari. The UPS changed all that. I can probably still go chat with the neighbours, but their UPS is still working. :)

Now the only light I have is that of a laptop with a battery backup. But that won't take long to run out on me either. How tragic.

Oh well, I'll go read some e-books while the battery's by my side.



And I just realise I can't publish this till the electricity comes back. Modem has no battery backup. Sigh.

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