Friday, December 19, 2008

Revisit 2008

Its been a year of firsts; an eventful year to say the very least!

Its December, Christmassy, cool, and since I'm holidaying, the atmosphere is perfect for me to sit back on a couch (the one at home - my couch - do not be mistaken) and reflect on the last twelve months.

- Had some good greaat times with some great people.
- Let down by some, and
- Had faith reaffirmed by some others. :) :) :)
- Went to GOA ! Had an abso-fantasto-amazing time. Fought a lot with the people of my blood for this, and I'm glad I did.
- Wrote an important exam :) and did well at it.
- My first job out of college suddenly ends as my company suddenly shuts shop. First layoff, if you can say that. Sniff.
- Frantic job search launch.
- A quiet and well, disappointing-for-the-most-part birthday in the midst of that chaos.
- Negotiation with potential employers.
- Adieu to the old place.
- Ooh - another secret first that i'd like to signal to people that already know it - how best can I arrange to do that - Umm.
- New job. New things to learn, new and amazing people to learn and get inspired from.
- New and different friends. A peek into bonds already formed, and an effort to make a place for myself in there.
- Old friends going through a lot of tough changes - and standing up for themselves. Yay!
- Coming to terms with the fact that some friends will be friends no more.
- An attempt to define a purpose: introspection on a deeper level than normal.

Its been a fine year. I do have a few complaints, I admit. But its a net positive. I learned so much about myself, and to an extent even applied those learnings in an effort to improve the self. :) That doesn't happen so often, successfully, at least. I'm still trying.

Although of course,
there are a few things that the heart wishes it had. I wonder if 2009 is the year for any of those. I hope it is.


Nikhil said...

Nice and candid!
Btw what happened.. Wednesdays not weird anymore ..? Do something or it'll have the same fate as my Abysmal jokes...

Tragicomix said...

nice read.
old place=JVV?

lost said...

With bends, ups and downs... seems like the past year was great for experience radar

Pesto Sauce said...

Been here first time

My 2008 has also been similar to yours. Lots of similarities

Pesto Sauce said...

Seems you did have some time in past year

Been here first time, liked your stuff

AjAy said...

Lady, do I have to remind you that it has been almost 5 months that we have anything to read from you!!
None of ur new year resolutions (that u made public) says that you are going to stop writing completely!!!
Please do write as your post were a treat to read!!