Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wednesday Weirdnesses #5

I missed it last week didn't I.. Matter not, since no one noticed/pointed out. Anyway, my excuse is cliched : forgot. I did remember, in the middle of the day, when I had absolutely no time.

So then I asked a friend to point me to some weird stuff on the net. And he said, I don't go weird hunting!!
Me: No one does... (except me off late.)
And then he suggested I post something non-weird... for a change.
Me: That sort of defeats the purpose.
End of conversation.

In parallel, a conversation with another friend.
He: Yeah actually I found something on reddit, list of sex offences, really funny, and weird.
Me: NO no, my blog is PG!
He: Heh heh, ok... so am I.
ME: How are you PG?
He: I'm very PG
Me: ????????? [Exactly that number]
He: whhaa... you son't think so?
End of conversation.

Forget not, that I really had no time.

Aaanyhoo. That would be quite enough of making public my chat conversations with friends. Lest my friends (aka the readers of this blog) not endeavour chatting with me anymore.

For today, I give you a word I haven't heard before. I say this because I have this funny feeling from the core of my womanly intuition that I am probably the only one who hasn't heard this before. But I'll tell you anyway.

The word, dear mathematicus, is Zenzizenzizenzic. :)
What fun!! - say I.
It means the eighth power of a number, derived from zenzic, "square of a number".

Also, since I skipped last week, here's a bonus one!
Honorificabilitudinitatibus !! which means the quality of deserving honour or respect.
Enjoy. No, really.


Raghu said...

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - Fear of long words. If I don't have it already I'm going to get it pretty soon at this rate.

Varun B R said...

No sooner did I go through your post, than a thought came to mind. If I wanted something weird, I could always google it, why

Hope it is taken in the right spirit!

Rach said...

@Raghu: :D actually speaking, the zenzizenzizenzic word is actually a small word - thrice repeated. So u don't really look at it as a long word...

Hmm.. a deep question indeed. For that, you have to first ask yourself these questions..
1. Why do you come to ?
2. Why do you want something weird? As in, do you at times suddenly feel the urge to know about something weird?
3. If and when you do, must you always come to ?

I believe the answer to these questions will lead you to the light. :P

AjAy said...

Really looking forward to the next word(s). You missed last week too..

Whatever made you think that has only weird stuff?? you definitely lack Honorificabilitudinitatibus!!

Fear of long words.. well that is a new one! How about Cenophobia or Centophobia for you, they are small words!!

Varun B R said...

4 out of the last 5 posts are 'weird'.
1. I come here for 'not weirdness'.
2. I don't feel the urge to know something weird all of a sudden.
3. Not applicable.

Ah! Light.

But I shall still come to

Abhishek Nambiar said...

well, I guess weird is just a state of mind. You can be intellectually weird or funnily weird or dumb weird....I am still trying to figure out my category though!!!!!