Wednesday, July 01, 2009

With regard to food.. other almost-love. Unfortunately, this one manifests itself in some of the most unseemly ways. And then of course, there's all this thing about testing one's self-will.

So, dear handful of readers, I'll tell you all about my vow off all meat for a month.

Why? How? I was sitting in a not-so-fancy fast food joint one day with my two very vegetarian friends, and discussing what stops them from trying out meat. While we spoke about their conscious choice and the environment they grew up in, it struck me that when I go out to eat, I never consciously pick out anything vegetarian. The realization that I was so hooked on to chicken descended in all its glory. And didn't sit too well.

And so I imposed on my self, a month without chicken and other such meat. I figured one month would be just enough to see how I do. And how much further I would be able to. It started last monday, that 22nd day of June, which means its been about 10 days, and I've not missed it much. Considering I still allow myself egg, I haven't been too tough on myself.

Which should make me feel all elated and all, but as if to show a downside to everything, I've discovered the pleasures of unhealthy vegetarian food, especially if its fried, or served with butter or cheese :)

Also I fell sick on the 8th day, as though my body was trying to prove a point. But it shall not be allowed to rebel so. I still have another 20 days to go. And I have plans for the 30 days after. Further foody updates to come :)


Rach said...

:) I'm just dipping my toes in your GREEN world. Let's see how it goes!

The Mad Hatter said...

Welcome back. And, I suppose you realize that the fat in butter and cheese is the same fat in beef. The same. Think about it :)

If you want to go green, go vegan, as Menaka Gandhi did. I double dare you :))

(If you want to know, the Mad Hatter likes portabello mushroom Fajitas more than the real thing, but can't bring himself to admit it. Then he looks at the sour cream and consoles himself that that's as good as beef)

The Mad Hatter said...

The Mad Hatter's evil twin Captain Nitpick, who's as much of a fan of your writing as he is, sends his regards and thanks you for using "with regard to" correctly.

The Mad Hatter said...

Occupational hazard of being me: people mistake my occasional genuine compliment for sarcasm.