Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Blog Post

This time I just want to tell you how it feels to write a post. There are these thoughts in your head. You bring them out through your fingers. I love the way my fingers move on this keyboard, and help me convert thought into word. At times I am amused, at times I am amazed. There are times when I'm feeling sad, there are times when I'm happy. But writing here somehow makes me feel good. I read and I re-read what I write. And feel strangely proud, regardless of the quality of the final product.. :)

I hope to see a time where I can write more, write better. Magically transform all these random thoughts to coherent sentences. Nice coherent sentences. Fun-to-read. Informative (and/or) Entertaining (and/or) Delightful. I'll get there someday :) My promise.

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