Thursday, September 13, 2007


Noun. [an-tis-uh-pey-shuhn]


An emotion involving pleasure in considering some expected or longed-for good event, or irritation at having to wait.

How does it feel to look forward to something really pleasurable and count the days, hours and minutes as the time approaches?
How does it feel if the event does not happen because circumstances change?
How does it feel at the last minute?
How does it feel when it happens? :)

Remember the school trip that was scheduled just after the test? How the night before, you just had to study and get through the hours till you were done with the paper? Even the summer holidays that began just after the final exams of the year. Ah,
the elation at walking out of that exam hall.

Me, I get so excited, I can barely think of much else. Even despite the fact that I believe that there is some value in doing what you must in the hours that you are counting. Some satisfaction at a job well done. Some happiness well-deserved. Some pleasure to enjoy without guilt.

Chug on I will now. Who knows when I'll have something to look forward to. :)

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indira said...

Read through almost all of your *interesting* posts! Must say makes a real gud read :)
Look forward to some gud conversations and all that ;)
WIll catch you for more on this!

Keeep rocking!!