Saturday, September 01, 2007

Horror-Scope (neologism borrowed)

I'm guilty of reading my horoscope everyday.

:) I'm not guilty of taking it seriously. It works like this: If it sounds good, I hope it'll work. If it doesn't sound good, it doesn't bother me. Either way, I forget about it within approximately 120 seconds.

But today, apparently, fellow Ariens, 'karmic Saturn enters your 6th House of Health and Diet.'

!! Seriously? It would seem unlikely that the astrologers don't just make all this stuff up as they write. Get up in the morning, (maybe its the previous night, they like to be prepared) think, what can I tell the gullibles today? Hmm.. let's make a new House altogether!

Why stifle creative juices that flow in the veins of those who have taken this up as a career?

While we're making the new House (upper case!) lets get them a little health conscious. My bit to improve the world. Lo and behold, ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, (sound please) the 6th House of Health and Diet!

I have nothing more to say. From today on, or is it only today, I have to make improvements to my daily health and diet routine. Thank you for telling me that, Astrologer. Only us Ariens, is it, again?

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Piyush said...

Do you remember what it said for Taureans ;)