Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am so sick and tired of the atrocities perpetrated on women. Every day there is a new event reported. I am ashamed of my country for being the leader in this 'act'. I am ashamed that I am from a country where wild, savage men roam freely on the streets with no respect for women. With no guilt, with no shame for the heinous acts they commit. Where they can cite morality at every accusation and throw money at every offense.

Behind closed doors, women are beaten. Women are set to fire. Women are not allowed to work outside of the house. Women don't eat till the men have eaten. Women are asked to dress a certain way. They are treated as inferior beings, and perhaps the worst problem, is that they don't know that they are.

Independence? I think not. It is nothing but a travesty of the basic human right to freedom.

I love my country, it has given me a lot of things, despite the strain on its resources. Maybe the more accurate thing to say would be, I was lucky to get a lot of things. And I know all the things above are not true for everyone, but the fact that it happens cannot be denied.

I cannot say with my head held high, that my country gives its women freedom or independence.

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Prarthana said...

So very true...especially the fact that most women don't even realize they are being used and abused.