Sunday, January 06, 2008


Beware of what you wish for, because it might just come true.
Shooting star.
Coin in the fountain.
Cutting a cake.
Crossed fingers.

When something isn't in your hands, wave this magic wand. Wish for a miracle. Wish for the impossible.

How many times in your life have you had your hopes pinned on one wish coming true? How happy it would make you, how different things would be, oh, just that one little thing.

When I was little, long long ago, I recall chanting: I wish all my wishes come true. It was my one catch-all wish. I figured sometime someone would grant my wish. And then I'd test it too with a I wish I had an ice cream cone in my hand right now!

Ah, childhood.

But then again.

Are my current secret wishes as ridiculously impossible as they were back then? What's the difference between them and that magically appearing ice cream cone? Aren't they just as much of a fantasy? Maybe that's the difference between then and now. The word 'impossible' is now debatable. The thin squiggly line between aiming high and hoping for the impossible is blurring out.

And even dashed hopes are nothing that the spirit that's hard to break can't take care of.
IF... I don't get my ice cream, that is. :)


The Mad Hatter said...

Ah childhood! :)

I had this foolproof plan worked out when I was seven or eight: when the inevitable genie eventually turned up and granted me three wishes, I'd first wish for --(something childish, which I've forgotten), and then I'd wish for the genie to grant me three more wishes. And so on. Infinite regress is wondrous to contemplate when you're eight.

Now that I know better, I do not wish. Rather, I try to treat wishes as signals to do something about things myself. More realistic, but not nearly as much fun.

Sometimes, in my weak moments, I miss the magic of those days. Thanks (really) for reminding me of them :)

Rach said...

:) I agree, not nearly as much fun.

But then, when there's nothing else that you can do about it, you can go back to the magic, can't you? :)

When all else fails, Wish!

Suprita said...

Awesome write up. And yess!! Even I've done the infinite regression thingee. I would always have 2 wishes. First one I would make use of and the second split :D

I still wish on my eyelash. But now I think of it as an indication to what I really want in life at that point of time. You generally want to improve so many aspects of your life-career, knowledge, love.. If you were given just one wish, which one would you choose.. It's an eye opener. And if by a miracle it does come true. No harm done. Hopefully :)