Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Turn Back Time

Why'd I have to watch that cricket match all day yesterday.
A few hours of study and I'd have aced this test.


I shouldn't have said that.
It was uncalled for.
Now she's hurt and there's nothing I can do about it.
If only I'd thought a moment before speaking.
I wouldn't have lost a friend.


Why didn't I appreciate her when she was with me..
If only I hadn't been so selfish.
I wouldn't miss her today.
I would cherish the times we spent together.


Why didn't I understand them while they were around?
I wish I had seen them as I do now.
If only I had stopped for a moment and looked.
I wouldn't have taken them for granted.


I should've spent more time with him.
Played when he asked me to.
Brought him the toys he wanted.
He's grown up and gone far away now.
If only I didn't think myself so busy.
I would have given him all my time.


If only she hadn't left home in a huff.
If only I'd spoken to her that morning. Not been so adamant. Then I would have driven her to the office like I always did.
She wouldn't have taken that cab.
She wouldn't have been in the way of that bus.
She'd be by my side right now.


If only I could turn back time.


Anonymous said...

If only I had...

Piyush Sethia said...

Autobiographical, huh??

Rach said...

:D Does it look autobiographical?