Sunday, September 09, 2012


I support homosexuality and homosexuals and their right to marriage and all other regular constitutional and human liberties. I feel I have to say this out loud, because, I have had conversations where people have argued that it is not natural, therefore not normal. I suppose the definition of natural for them would be a union that produces offspring and contributes to the evolution of the species.

I don't know the physiology behind homosexuality. Feel free to skip the rest of this paragraph if you aren't interested in the history/evolution of homosexuality. I've read that recent research suggests that it there may in fact be a 'gay gene.' It's interesting how that goes against the standard perception of evolution that only a quality that may directly promote reproduction will survive evolution. There have been a few other theories to support evolution in this light, some not-so-convincing. For example, there is the kin theory, that suggests that homosexuals may have focused on the survival of their nieces/nephews (ie, kin with their gene). This is unconvincing to me mainly because I think evolution is selfish - a result of a fierce protection of the self. Other theories are that homosexuals have been primarily bisexual or that they have some other unspecified quality that is needed for survival.

Back to what I was saying - I support them. In theory. I say in theory because I have never had the exposure to them. Maybe I have known closet gays. But now that people across the world are coming out, I'm afraid that I may be a victim of my limited zero exposure and may be just as biased as so many people who are anti-gay. In fact, you see it even with supporters of homosexuals. 'He's so gay' is a negative comment as of this day.

I feel that to truly support a person that is different from you, you must make them feel no different from  you. When my turn comes one day (and it will) to personally know someone who is gay, I don't want these biases to come in my way. I don't want to become one of those close-minded people I dislike. The ultimate goal is that one's sexual orientation should have nothing to do with one's non-romantic relationships and should either be not considered at all or not known, and definitely not be anyone's business but your own (and your partner's), but today, society is structured on relationships. Relationships are a critical part of today's society and define you to a large extent. What I hope is that my life is enriched by my knowing as many wonderful people as I possibly can.

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