Friday, December 14, 2007

Can we still be Friends?

Does that sound familiar?

:) I don't know what 'being friends' really entails.
Sharing secrets.
Taking advice.
Sharing woes.
Expressing joy.
Being able to tell you on your face what you should or shouldn't do.
Laughing together.
Remembering birthdays. :)
Going out together.

Does it take all of this? Or is it an implicit understanding? I'm around, and I'll be there if you need me. Is that enough? Can you hurt someone when you're angry/upset and not apologise later because they'd understand anyway? Can you not be in touch with one for months/years and meet as though no time had passed? Can you be annoyed with some habits and mannerisms of your friend?

Phew. Apologies again for the vagueness. A farrago of thoughts, and an attempt to bring into them some coherence.


AjAy said...

I am fortunate to have FRIENDS... who call me up (or whom I call) after a span of so many years, mostly in the middle of the night and cry out aloud. We speak to each other as though we have met some hours ago only!!
Thank GOD that I have them, else life would have been hell for me. The only thing that i feel I have earned all my life is those friends......
ne of them is my EX - GF, so I guess "Can we still be Friends?" holds good for me!
It is a different matter altogether, that none of us popped this question, as I feel it was understood, that we would continue to be good friends!!

Jayanth T N said...

Ah, yes, your vaguest post yet! I think you are confusing between being friends and "can we still be friends?" To me, the latter is just a cliched expression. But, then again, it is cliched because it has been used a lot, isn't it!? What does it mean? Well, a last-ditch effort by a hopeless romantic who has just been rejected by what he thinks is the love of his life. I don't see another context in which this can (has?) be used.
If the friendship runs deep, you needn't apologise. If there is enough of a "chemistry", you can talk as though no time has passed. And, yes, you can most definitely be annoyed at their idiosyncrasies!

Manju said...

aah... 'can we still be friends?'. The 'still' speaks volumes about the context under which the question was asked... And the best part is this question is usually an excuse for the end of whatever episode which has preceded it, and both, the one asking and the one being asked just want to scream out a "NO" in reply to the question, but just say "definitely" or "we have always been friends" or some other lie. All this said, once must be wary of that one time ... when this is asked with all sincerity