Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What-should and what-not

Kind of rhetoric, but have you ever been faced with a dilemma of choosing one of two conflicting paths? It hadn't been this painfully evident till this time. This was a typical case of Mind vs Heart. What you want to do, versus what you should do. Keep in mind that should is a completely relative human perception based on the effect on your action on others, your conscience, and the [probable] future consequence of your action. There has never really been any credit to living in the moment. Then why is following the heart preached by people all over the world and through history? What should I have done? Does following my heart equate to succumbing to temptation in some way? If I do, is it really wrong? It is what I want to do for sure, but should I? Even the definition of what-should is blurry at this point. Who defined that for me?

Do you admire people who choose Mind over Heart? Does it reflect courage? Or is courage really "following your Heart"? But then, is it really that simple? Black or White? Maybe its the grey area in between that bothers the grey cells. But well, they are bothered. And I need a solution. Argh.


maverick said...

well abt courage?definately takes a lot of courage-if not courage then being a believer in what u know deep down is right

Suprita said...
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Suprita said...

Good Lord! Those are a lot of questions. Hmm.. I say you decide on what kinda life you want to lead.. Say you belive in LIVING your life..But not taking too many risks.. A 75% heart and 25% mind combo might work just fine for you..(Life's a bevrage? or a burger?) And depending on your mood and situation you decide on the path you wanna take..:D Wot say??