Thursday, July 05, 2012

What I think I was doing

In the long long time that I haven't written or blogged, I've often thought about what it was that
(a) reduced my sense of wonder at things, and/or
(b) stopped me from penning it down when I did have something to say

A part of it is married life. Well, actually not married life, it is independent life that actually happened to me. I'd lived with parents earlier, when I got married, I suddenly started managing my own house. While it is split responsibility, it is still more than I was used to. And then when you're someone like me, who is not very good with time management, the result is a mess.

Obviously, this is not all of it. Of course I have free time. There are things that you have to do and there is the idling that you have to do. A friend says that the lack of things to put on the blog is probably because I now have one immediate outlet to share a thought with (my husband, in case you are wondering) while earlier that wasn't there. You thought of something, it waited, and you shared it on the blog. Maybe. Maybe not.

Another part of me thinks that there are things I think of now, but which I don't consider worthy enough to blog about now. In the sense that what seemed worthy then, seems obvious-to-everyone now.

Maybe I was just lazy. Maybe since I got busier than usual, I thought I needed to laze.

Well, whatever the reason be, I know I want to write. I was going through earlier posts, and I honestly enjoyed reading them. There's so much history associated with each and every one of them. Just from these last few lines, I realize that this feeling of penning down one's thoughts is incomparable to anything else. So I'm going to make an effort and I'm going to write regularly.

My sincere gratitude to all the people who used to read what I wrote, who would comment, who would appreciate, who would argue, even those who would nit-pick. I hope at least a few of you are still around. You are what made it fun!


Sneo said...

Good that you are back

Rach said...

hey thanks :) you are an inspiration! :) seriously.

venusplus said...

Heyy Rach! Was so happy to see your blog today. I don't know why my feeds didn't show new posts were up here :(
But am glad you've started writing again. :)cheers!

Rach said...

venusplus! Well that comment made me very happy ! :) Thank you... will try to keep writing.